“The Sausage” Screens at “Deep Trash in the Underworld,” London, UK

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“The Sausage” Screens at “Deep Trash in the Underworld,” London, UK

“Once upon a time, in the depths of East London, there was a red brick house known as the Workers’ Club… The story goes that the week before All Hallows’ Day, the building underwent a vicious queer spell. Horrifying monsters, creatures ascending from the dark and burnt witches were raised from their ashes. A dead forest started to grow through cracks in the walls, Voodoo rituals, profane ceremonials and wicked sorcery were performed until the sun sent them all back to the underworld.…”

Deep Trash is back with a reincarnation of a to-die-for night of live art! Punk witches, cruising and cursing, afro-futurist Voodoo, leaky rituals, feminist sigil magick, queer zombies, camp vampires, anti-capitalist hell-raising, blood-spilling… and many other supernatural experiences!

Dressing up, skin shedding or shape-shifting highly encouraged!

On Thursday 19 October 2017, the conference ‘Performing the Occult: Magick, Rituals and the Monstrous in Live Art’ at Queen Mary University (London) will introduce some of the artists and their work. Presentations by FoxGlove, Ivan Monteiro, Mette Sterre, Martin O’Brien and keynote lecture by Professor of Continental Philosophy Patricia MacCormack (Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge). #performingoccult

This programme is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

PERFORMANCES: Cat Boettcher + Nick Kilby / Ellis D. / FoxGlove / Istanbul Queer Art Collective / Ivan Monteiro aka Tropikahl Pussy / Lady Vendredi / Sebastian H-W / Venom Black Widow / Wingshan Smith

VIDEOS: Ayesha Tan-Jones / Camille Ducellier / Derzu Campos / Gwenn De Loon / Hilary Harp + Suzie Silver / Kerry Challis Thomas / Kate Spence + Michael Lightborne / Lauren Jane Williams / Piotr Bockowski + Bjørk Grue Lidin / Scott Andrew / Stefan Jovanović

ARTWORKS: Aiden GD Moore / Amorocho / Amy + Eliza Douglas / Anna-Lena Dubé Fuller / Caitlin Alexandra / Christian Bernal / Craestor / George Zafiradis / Paulina Jawor / Petra Brnardic / Sophia Gardiner / Tabitha Knight / Tom Coates / Valérie Reding

MUSIC: Patricia MacCormack / Kasey Riot aka Cellardoor

DEEP TRASH in the Underworld Saturday 21 October 2017